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We absolutely love Ubiquiti.  In fact it is one of our favourite brand technologies and fun to implement.  Providing solutions for small to medium sized businesses, My Byte can assess, design and implement a stable and scalable network solution to ensure your network delivers peak performance for all of your hard working team.  So when you team grows, you network also adapts with your growth. 

Which UniFi Switch is right for you?

Switching Evolved

UniFi offers a variety of switches to serve a wide range of applications. We assist businesses to choose the right network gear to cope with demands.

If you are looking at expanding or changing your network environment, we are happy to have a chat with you.

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Which access point is right for you?

WiFi Perfected

Unified Access Points (UAPs) can be locally or remotely managed with your UniFi Network application running on a UniFi OS Console.

We assist businesses to conduct wireless site surveys of work sites to ensure you get the best outcome for seamless wireless connectivity.

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Having issues with your WiFi?

Wireless Site Surveys

When it comes to wireless connectivity, it can be hit and miss with trial and error.

We specialise in conducting wireless site surveys measuring signal strengths to ensure best placement of wireless access points to give you good connectivity.

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